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Engine analysis of large drones

2018/10/12    Source:    Author:TJIRC  Reading:Time  【Print this page】

Large uavs are usually those that weigh more than 500kg. Due to its own positioning and mission characteristics, the demand for engines of large uavs is quite different from that of small and medium-sized uavs. Here's a breakdown of the types of engines typically used in large uavs and their strengths and weaknesses.
Piston engine
Piston engine is the oldest and most widely used type of engine. Since 1903, when the Wright brothers' aviator no. 1 announced the arrival of the aviation era, piston engine has almost become a synonym for aircraft engine, with continuous development of relevant technologies and continuous breakthroughs in performance record. The application of piston engines reached the technical zenith in world war ii. In Dunkirk, the shining star fighter jet is equipped with a 12-cylinder Merlin V12 greyback falcon piston engine
Table 1 advantages and disadvantages of piston engines applied to large uavs
Economy is the biggest reason for the use of piston engines in large uavs. Of course, with the continuous innovation of technology, the advanced aero piston engine with turbo is able to meet the requirements of large uav in terms of performance. The U650 amphibious large drone USES the same piston engine of the Rotax912 series.
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