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What should an aerial survey drone pay attention to

2018/10/12    Source:    Author:TJIRC  Reading:Time  【Print this page】

As a highly professional branch in the family of uav, aerial survey uav is often put off by many friends who want to start with because of its high cost, professional personnel, high requirements for flight control and complex post-processing software.
But the uav aerial relative to manual measurement, advantage is not simple is the issue of efficiency, but a question of market orientation, the aerial market sooner and can obtain valuable experience in aerial, means a broader business to undertake, in today's traditional surveying and mapping market changes, timely contact with the aerial, surveying and mapping industry to open another door.
What should I pay attention to when buying an aerial survey uav?
Where can drones not fly?
1. The airport
2. Within the sixth ring road of Beijing
3. High voltage power line and other overhead facilities
4. Sensitive areas for military and state organs
5. High-rise buildings and places where crowds gather
Note: if there are any sensitive areas near the test area, please consult the uav manufacturer first, and only operate the uav after confirming that the location is not a no-fly zone. If it is a no-fly zone, you can apply to the flight control department and implement it after approval.
Should I choose a multi-rotor aircraft or a fixed-wing aircraft?
A: what kind of uav to choose depends on the scope and use of the area.
1. Advantages of multi-rotor: lightweight, relatively low cost, and can hover at fixed points
Suitable direction: aerial photography, environmental monitoring, reconnaissance, special object transport and other small area applications
2. Advantages of fixed wings: long endurance, good wind resistance and wide shooting range
Suitable direction: aerial survey, regional monitoring, pipeline patrol, emergency and disaster relief, emergency communication and other large regional applications
How many people will it take to do the aerial survey? How long will the training take to complete the project?
Answer: it takes 2 people to complete the field flight, and one person for each ground station and flight controller. Now with the flight control system more and more perfect, individual operation is no longer distant, the number of personnel can be based on specific project requirements.
Uav aerial survey system, the training time for field flight is generally 3 days. The post-processing software needs to see the final type of results, and the training time is different. Now the commonly used blank three is inpho, and the vertical measurement is MapMatrix, and the DOM is made with EPT.
Is the accuracy up to par?
A: generally, the uav can meet the DOM/DLG aerial photography requirements of 1:1000 and 1:2000 resolution, and the aerial photography requirements of 1:500 resolution in plain areas. But the accuracy is also restricted by the camera and post processing and other factors. Generally, there is an elevation accuracy of 1:50, which is not well controlled.
What are the steps of uav aerial survey?
A: first, determine the flight area and map requirements, and make corresponding control points. Then, you can edit the route in the ground station according to the requirements of the test area, and select the appropriate weather conditions (weather, illumination, wind, cloud height, air visibility) to arrive at the site for aerial photography.
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