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Product introduction<

OEM fiberglass mold

The fiberglass epoxy molds are made of fiberglass and epoxy, formed in high temperature, the heat resistance can reach up to 180 degree, it can suitable for high temperature oven.


Any business enquiry, please contact our customer service department by sending email at sales01@tjirc.com, we will make a proper offer based on your requirements.

一、 OEM Mold procedure

(一) The data provide

Two ways:

1. To provide sample or ready model, this way suitable for no limited dimensions.

2. Supply with 2D or 3D drawings. For 2D drawings, we need to charge some expenses to convert to 3D files. We will mill the positive molds with the data provided, the material used could be wood or generation of wood.

(二) Positive mold finishing

The cost of positive mold finishing is different according to different material used and the dimensional precision requirements.

(三) Moulding

1. The molding material: epoxy and fiberglass

2. The structure of the mold: it depends on the production technology and requirement of automatic level.

3. The moulding technology: it is decided by the production conditions and requirement of light weight, normally it is handmade technology.

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