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The Great Wall, from the ancient East, is a tall, strong and continuous long raft. Use it to name this glider, hoping to bring you a feeling and shock.

This glider is a 2.8-meter wingspan with excellent handling. In order to make the Great Wall stronger and lighter, we used a foam sandwich material and designed a main carbon rod and rudder angle that is more suitable for him. The glider was designed to fly in F3B / F3F competition. There are two versions Power free version and electric version. Different fuselage and different angles make each edition suitable for his flight requirements.


    The excellent design of the airfoil allows the pilot to speed up and slow down quickly. Suitable elevation angle and upper dihedral design allow different versions to have different good experiences.

   There are two versions: fiberglass + carbon standard, carbon version. Of course, we can also tailor it for you.


Wing span:2.8m

Length: 1.46m


Wing area:53.2134dm2

 Airfoil: Special

Recommended configuration

Motor :3542/3548

Propeller :13*7

Battery :4S

Servo :GDW 190C  、296

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