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Product introduction<

The TJI RC Knief is a new 1m (39") wingspan racer with brilliant performance. Good quality composite glass and carbon all molded model, good design, great price!

The pylon racer is very nicely molded with a strong wing spar and a massive battery compartment, which will allow 4S 2Ahr batteries, or even larger to be fitted with ease. Performance is very good, very straight at high speed, very nice high speed glide, and a reasonable landing speed with the flaps down. The aerodynamic shape is good. The model looks like a scaled up Sergey Sobokin Stinger Speed 400 pylon racer, which indicates a good heritage.

Knief Specifications

Wing span

1.00 m

39 in

Wing area

9.8 dm2

153 sq in


64 cm

25 in

Flying weight from

550 g

19.4 oz

Wing loading

56 g/dm

18.3 oz/sq ft

Aspect ratio


Wing airfoil

7% proprietary

Dihedral (EDA)


Spinner Diameter

38 mm

Battery compartment

approx 40 x 38 x 170 mm

Centre of Gravity

42 - 47 mm from wing leading edge


Elevator, ailerons, throttle

Now the pull line is 0 degrees and the center of gravity is 5 mm in front of the fixed screw of the wing (5-10 position is all right). Aileron take-off and landing rudder angle (+6 mm), flight rudder angle (+4 mm), flaps landing and landing open 4 mm, speed flying open 1 mm, elevator (+3 mm).

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