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CLOUD 1.5  
  An environment suitable for indoor flight or outdoor breeze.
•  The workmanship is very fine, with very good gliding performance and very easy to control.
You can fly at a very low speed, and you can also make a variety of stunts.
•  You just drive it once, and you'll be fascinated by it!

  Folding is very easy, there is no support rod on the leading edge of the wing

•  The wingspan tile / area        2600mm/ 0.5m2 
•  Cell number                         25                    
•  weight                                108g

•  package bag
•  Wing

•  1×Repair kit
  1×Black Frame kit

•  1×2216 2400kv   motor
•  2x 20kg torqueg 180° servo
•  1×50A ECS
•  1×8 inch two leaf  propeller
  1×DC-DC For FPV

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