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Dream 2.0

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Dream, childhood dreams, is also the beginning of our company's dream. Today we recommend this 2m electric glider - Dream.

The glider was officially launched after a long period of design and testing. The distribution of weight and strength is more reasonable, achieving a perfect combination of weight and strength. Whether you use it for high-intensity maneuvering or leisure flight, this aircraft can bring you the perfect flight experience!

Electric Dream Accessories: (①tail push-pull rod X2, ②wing plug carbon rod X1, ③ tail wing plug carbon rod X2, ④ wing servo base X4, ⑤motor seat, metal clamp link X1 set ,⑥ wing steering gear cover X4)

There are two versions: fiberglass + carbon standard, carbon version. Of course, we can also tailor it for you.

TJIRC has always been committed to providing quality products and excellent service. No matter if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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Wing span:      2000mm

Length:         1188mm

Weight:       800g

Wing area:   32.1974dm2

CG:           80mm

Recommended configuration

Motor :3542

Propeller :13*7

Battery :4S

ESC:     70A

Servo :GDW 190C  、296


Motor :COBRA2221 kv1250

Propeller :11*6

ESC :     60A

Servo :GDW 190C  、296

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