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EVO-701 “Snow Leopard” Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System

Detailed content

EVO-701 “Snow Leopard” Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System


1 Characteristics

Ø Be equipped with full autonomous take-off and landing function.

Ø Catapult or vehicle-mounted mode is used for take-off.

Ø Parachuting or belly adjoining mode is used for landing. Air bag works on grounding protection during parachuting.  

Ø Airborne tasks and equipment matched with dedicated mounting racks and shock attenuation device are used for preventing direct shock when landing.

Ø Be equipped with onekey return voyage.

Ø Be equipped with manual operation, autostability and full autonomous flight mode. The freely seamless switch can be performed in those three flight modes.

Ø Be equipped with circling function at fixed point when performing a task under autonomous flight mode.

Ø In flying and task mode can be flexibly set up, including flight path, height, speed, take-off & landing and safety policies,etc.

Ø Real-time modification of waypoint during flying can be carried out via supporting the ground station.

Ø Flight mission can be saved. It supports repeatedly invoking and editing and also supports leading-in and leading-out batches of information at waypoint.

Ø Be equipped with real-time video transmission function.

Ø Be equipped with photograph and omnidistance camera shooting function.

Ø Photographing supports manual and automatic mode (fixed point, time and distance).

Ø Visible images and video data can be onboard saved. Meanwhile, the time and location of image acquisition can also be recorded.

Ø Be able to import and display maps. Moreover, preset air route, flight path and nose pointing shall be displayed in the map.

Ø Be able to display and record telemetry parameters such as in flight and communication state, as well as display and record motor speed.    

Ø Three-proofing strengthened laptop is used in the ground station. It can clearly display information under the sun outdoors.


2 Technical index requirements

Environmental indexes:

Storage temperature range: -20℃~+65℃;

Operating temperature range: −20℃~+55℃

Relative humidity: ≤90% (+25℃)

Anti-wind capacity: ≥10m/s (2m high from the ground, instantaneous wind speed) 

Anti-rain capacity: Be able to fly under light rain (amount of precipitation<5mm within 12 hours).

Take-off and landing indexes

Unfolding length of catapult rack: 3m

Folding length: 1.1m

Catapult angle: 10°

Off-rack speed: 17m/s

Catapult weight

Minimum safe altitude of parachate-opening: 60m

Droop rate: 4m/s

Full aeration time of gasbag: 5s

Aircraft indexes:

Length: 1.45m

Wingspan: 2.18m

Height: 0.31m

Dynamical system: One set of outer rotor brushless motor

Cruising speed: 20-25m/s

Climb rate: 7m/s

Droop rate: 4.5m/s

Empty weight: 6kg

Loading capacity: 1.5kg

Time of endurance: 2h (full load)

Maximum flying height: 4500m

Monitoring radius: Image>10km (relative altitude: 350m)

                Data>20km (relative altitude: 350m)




3 Loading and mission mode



Application fields


Sony A7R mirrorless camera +35mm prime lens

Light loading, long endurance and large area of single sortie task

General mapping

Sony A7R belongs to mirrorless camera while 5DS belongs to single-lens reflex camera. All sensors belong to silent frame while 35mm prime lens are standard configuration in the mapping field.

Canon 5D III single-lens reflex camera+35mm prime lens

The image qulity of single-lens reflex camera is higher than that of mirrorless camera.

General mapping

Sony A7R (35mm lens)+differential GPS


High precision mapping could reduce 80% of phased points.

High precision mapping

Sony A7R (Lens 35 or 20mm)+High definition image transmission


Photograph and video at the same time in the testing area while videos can be real time passing back.  

General mapping and emergency rescue

Users can carry other loads with same quality as required.


Canon 5D III

Sony A7R

Size of airframe (width×height×thickness)

Approximately 152×116.4×76.4mm


Weight (including lens)

Approximately 1200g


Focal length of standard configuration




Sensor type



Sensor size



Maximum pixels






Maximum resolution



ISO photosensibility

ISO 100-6400

ISO 100-6400




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